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Meet and Assist services at airports in Bangui. For any traveler, on any airline, in any cabin class.

Bangui M’Poko airport is a small but busy airport in continental Africa.  Booking a Meet and Assist Service will make passing through it fast and easy. Bangui Fast Track’s local greeters will help bypass the lines and ensure a quick arrival, a smooth departure, or a successful connection.

Africa Fast Track’s service in Bangui BGF adds a first class feel, usually reserved for VIPs or celebrities. The service may include regular or special immigration handling, an electric buggy kart, help with VOA and baggage,  Before you book, our reservation team & system will help you book the exact service that you need.

Airport Meet and Greet service in Bangui M'Poko (BGF).

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On arrival Bangui Fast Track’s English speaking greeters will meet you near the air bridge. They will assist you through any passport or visa control, and escort you to the baggage and customs area. They will help find your driver, or if you booked a connection, check in to your next flight.

On departure, they will contact your driver, will assist you through check-in and immigration, and will take you to your airline lounge or the boarding gate.

For connections, the greeter will meet you near the air bridge and will guide and escort you through the arrival, departure and transfer processes needed for your connection, right through to your airline lounge or the gate.

For more than 10 years our Airport Assistance and Booking Team has assisted thousands of travellers pass smoothly through busy airports. Before you book, Fast Track’s tools and expert staff will help you understand and choose the exact service you need at the lowest possible cost.

Fast Track services are available to any traveler, on any airline, and in any cabin class, and in all major airports around Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

We are delighted to offer our VIP Meet and Greet Services at Bangui M’Poko International Airport (IATABGF) Situated 7Km from the capital city of Bangui. The capacity of this airport has risen substantially over the last 10 years. Airlines here include; Air France who flies to Paris Charles de Gaulle, Royal Air Maroc with it’s regular service to Casablanca and flights direct to Nairobi with Kenya Airlines. 

The airport building although not new does have a selection of shops, parking and washing facilities. There is only one terminal at this airport and often it becomes overcrowded. A taxi service is available from the terminal and there is a small airport lounge that charges a fee. WIFI is available in the airport. 

Being a landlocked country the Central African Republic shares borders with various countries including; Chad to the North, South Sudan to the East and the Republic of Congo to the Southwest. France was the colonial power in this country from the 19th century until 1960. Therefore as a visitor you will note that many things are influenced by the French. The country is full of resources including diamonds, gold and uranium. Nonetheless, the country is a poor country as far as World standards are concerned. Many young people in this country love playing basketball and it is worth noting that two times the country has won the African Championship. Transportation around the country is by road, air and water. Although in the last 15 years various highways have been built, not all the country can be accessed by road and it is common for people to travel by boat and air.

Even though this is a poor country it is rich in culture and natural beauty. The Dzanga-Sangha National Park is a must for any visitor, it is a huge forest reserve full of chimpanzees, elephants and gorillas and some of the gorillas are so used to humans that one can get very close to them. Bangnui has a community of French expats and therefore one can expect a good choice of restaurants and also has a French supermarket selling all things French. The city itself is dangerous and any visitor should take precautions especially of pickpockets.

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